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Top of PageVideographers & Cameras
One of the biggest differences between the packages are the number of videographers and cameras present.  In simple terms the more cameras and videographers we have to work with the more angles and moments are captured on video. 

Some of the packages use more cameras than videographers, in which case the additional cameras are used as cover cams, to provide additional angles for our editors to work with.  Regardless of the number of cameras or videographers present, all of our crew are highly experienced and unobtrusive.
Top of PageWhat does 3 edits mean
All of our edited packages come with 3 edited versions of your wedding all on the same disk.  This means that when you play your wedding for friends and family you'll have 3 options of what to present to them.

The 3 Minute Summary
This edit provides a quick recap of your wedding day, cut to music, showing highlights of all the key moments throughout the day.

The 15 Minute Movie
This edit covers all of the formal events, mixed in with some candid shots capturing the essence of your wedding day all tastefully blended with your favorite music.

The 2 Hour Documentary
This edit provides an in depth documentation of your wedding day, capturing the memory of everything you experienced, as well as some of the memories your guests may have shared without you while you were occupied with your photographer, or on the dance floor.
Top of PageDVD Copies
Each of the packages comes with a number of DVD Copies, as well as a "raw footage" DVD.  The Copies are of your wedding which can be distributed to family or friends, while the "raw footage" is an unedited copy of the material that was gathered at your event, which can be used at a later point in time to allow for additional edits.

Additional DVD copies may be added on to any package at an increased price.
Top of PageGrowing up Photo Montage
The Growing up Photo Montage is a looped footage DVD of 60 photos cut to your favorite music.  The traditional composition alternates between 25 photos of him and 25 photos of her followed by 10 photos together.  The montage takes less then 10 minutes to play and elegantly encapsulates the couple's lives up to this point.  This video can either be left to play on a TV (not provided) where guests can view it at their leisure or projected onto a wide screen (not provided) after dinner or between one of the formal events.
Top of PageRehersal Night Interview & Love Story Interview wedding intro.
The addition of the rehearsal and love story interviews captures the anticipation on the eve of the event, and allows family members to share their memories and gives the couple a chance to document what they are feeling and why they want to get married.  This is edited together and used as an introduction to each of the edited cuts.
Top of PageAdditional Add Ons
Travel over 100 Miles (from Chico)
Additional DVD Copies
Additional Camera Operators
Additional Camera (unmanned)

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